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S.R. Marks

Help Wanted: New Devil

The Enduring - 1

Even the afterlife gets decided in a committee.

The afterlife is more like a large retirement community than a fiery pit where even collecting souls has been automated. Death has nothing on his to-do list until his co-worker, the Devil, tells him she’s retiring. For years he’s relied on her to keep the ever-growing population of Patala running smoothly. After five hundred years, he needs to replace the most important woman in his life.

The only good thing is that the hiring process can’t kill him.


Frozen Wasteland - 1

Underneath the Library is a secret that enslaves them all.

When the longtime librarian vanishes without a trace, everyone is determined to uncover the truth and whisper about sinister secrets. Every person who’s ever worked there was never heard from again

People go to the library to check out books, but some never return...

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Frozen Wasteland - 2

Accepting the opportunity will destroy you.

Women all over the world are going into business with Bribre - a multilevel marketing company. Selling clothes at home parties, some find it a great way to earn an income for their families. But, the vast majority go into debt, blaming themselves when the odds were always against them. Fay is an academic researching Bribre and their cult-like actions. The longer she’s involved, the more immersed she is in a world of secrets and betrayal. The deeper she goes, the closer she gets to destroying everything for those around her.

How many women will fail in Fay's wake?


Short Story Collection

Every generation has an epic and memorable music festival. One young woman thinks this will be hers until every expectation is destroyed piece by piece. She's not alone. They find themselves stuck in a small airport without their luggage or even a charger so they can connect with their family, friends, and followers. All she wants to do is get on a plane and go home but that is proving to be difficult.

This is just one of the short stories you will enjoy in this volume!

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About Sara

S.R. Marks is the pen name author Sara Marks uses for her horror and fantasy books. Sara is a librarian with two masters degrees and plans to never stop getting over educated. She likes the idea of having all the academic regalia she can ever possess. She cries at nearly every movie she sees (ask her about when she cried at a horror movie), but it’s full-on weeping for Disney animated movies. She loves reading nearly every genre but likes to write romance and fantasy books. Writing horror keeps her perspective of the world more balanced and allows her to write all her hopefully romances without getting angry.

S.R. Marks is a librarian in Massachusetts. She started writing as a child and hasn’t stopped because the ideas never cease. She loves unicorns and believes every world has a dark side.

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